12 Pro Tips to Create the Ultimate Moving Planner!

If you are looking for that one complete moving agenda or that final list of moving advice that can put your forthcoming Mumbai moving decision into perspective, you need the support from the packers and movers in Mumbai, and some familiarity with the professional tips pooled together in this moving planner.

A moving planner at times is self-created by the one moving or it is a blend of several moving ideas and practiced hacks put together in one checklist. No matter what you choose to go with, you should always refer to at least 4-5 top moving checklists and informative posts so the one you create for yourself is absolutely refined and fail-safe.

Since you are in search of a professional move checklist for your upcoming move, we hope you will not mind going through the pointers we have shared with you!

1. Clean up everything – With cleaning, one should start packing the household items one by one. Pack everything that you can easily manage alone, with the packing materials you have sourced. Leave the rest for the experts. But throughout the process, ensure you are not cluttering up your space because the movers shall also perform the job in the same space and an uncluttered room will certainly help in the task.

2. Pack your handbag – There is one thing that you have to pack and set aside before the professionals reach your place – your overnight bag or the personal handbag you will keep with you during the move. You need to put in all the essentials you will need during the transition and also the medicines so you can survive the move without any trouble.

3. Know how to pay – If you have agreed to pay the movers in cash, you will have to make a down payment to them in advance and settle the remaining amount post the move. You can also pay the movers through a card but then you will have to ask them if they have a card payment protocol with them. Besides, always carry extra cash with you!

4. Label extraordinarily – Labeling is entirely the customers’ decision and it is his choice how he wishes to do it as per his convenience. But do it correctly and efficiently. Do it in a way that reduces your hassle and also the movers’ struggle when they are settling the packages in the right rooms. You can use colored labels, numbered stickers, and printed or handwritten labels.

5. Let the experts do it – If you have hired professional packers and movers for your household moving task, let them look after the task because they will do it efficiently and in no time. Plus, there will be an assurance of their quality packing and expert handling and you will shed off the majority of your moving chaos if you assign the task to the movers.

6. Lock and turn off power – Finally, after the movers have accomplished the final round of packing tasks and are supervising the rest of the things, do not forget to disconnect the fan and light, motor, and the main power before you leave the place finally. Lastly, take a moment to lock everything and hand over the keys to the landlord or the neighbors if you plan to come back.

7. Keep the neighbors informed – Of all the people in your circle you will notify about your move, your neighbors would be the ones to be informed because at least for the initial few days or weeks, you may need to check back if something needs to be diverted to the new address or if you need to make a few visits back in the city.

8. Keep a copy of inventory – It is important to check off the items mentioned on the moving inventory or tasks in the checklist whenever the said thing gets accomplished. This helps in keeping track of the moving progress. So, whenever an item gets loaded onto the moving vehicle, make sure you have marked that on your inventory copy so you know everything has been packed into the truck.

9. Think of the things again – At times, when you are preparing for the move, it is good to take a break from work to simply check if you are going the right way or you have lost track of things in focusing on something extra important. At this point of assessment and contemplation, you are free to make changes to your moving plan and budget.

10. Sign and keep papers – Meanwhile, do not forget to take care of the paperwork. If you have yet not signed the contract papers due to a time crunch, quickly work that out and prepare the papers. Get all the other essential documents and proofs collected in one compact moving binder and keep it with you so you can find it handy whenever there is a need.

11. Go to the bed timely – After all the months of toil, you will already be tired. So, try to tick off all the tasks from your checklist before the moving day so you can get to your bed on time and have a peaceful sleep. The next day, you will have to wake up early because the movers will show up to fulfill the last-minute chores.

12. Keep the final day easy – The final day of your move should be free of any complex tasks and unnecessary hassle. Make sure to keep everything ready before the final day so you can at least have a stress-free move where you are not running around your home to fulfill last-minute jobs. Keep meals ready, and outfits ready so you can quickly wrap up and leave.

If you have followed the clues we have just talked about in this post, you are on the right way to planning your move. All you need to do at this point is to speak to the movers and packers in Mumbai and you will be ready for the move!

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