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Why Are Companies Reluctant to Embrace Consultants?

May 30 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

“You’re my competition.”

I sat stunned, but listening earnestly, as the new Vice-President of IT of a long-time client said these words to me. Sometimes, you don’t know exactly how to respond, and this was one of those times.

I asked him to explain and he stated, “You are doing the same thing as me and my IT staff. I view it as you being competition to us, unless there is a lack of resources such as time and hands to get the job done”. This certainly did not bode well for me as I had hoped to expand the relationship into other areas.

However, it was finally out in the open: the reason why some IT departments are reluctant to embrace third-party consultants when we (meaning, the consultants) could not understand why. So I wondered, why do IT Departments think this way? Further, how do I make the IT staff understand that my goal is not to displace them, but rather help?

To begin with, let’s examine the most common types of IT consulting models:

1. Paid Engagement-hired for a specific task or project and paid either hourly or a lump sum. These consultants tend to be specialized, such as providing Network Assessment or Design, Regulatory & Compliance Adherence or Certification, Disaster Recovery Specialization, or Security & Vulnerability testing. They are typically vendor-neutral, hired to help make recommendations for the client and based on ethics, not affiliated with any particular vendor.

2. Vendor Provided -these are solution architects that are sometimes viewed as the “consultant” and not really a “consultant” but sometimes are viewed as that based upon the client-vendor relationship. It is fairly common for companies to hire incumbents for services, such as Dell SecureWorks being asked to provide vulnerability assessments for a managed security client (full disclosure-I am a partner of Dell Secureworks and they do an excellent job). What needs to be remembered is that the ultimate goal of this “consultant” is to gain or keep additional business for their “free intelligence”.

3. Third Party or “Agency”-these solution providers are typically salespeople who are vendor-neutral and client-centric. They provide consultation, often for free, in exchange for the understanding that procurement of service providers will be executed through them.

The advantages of working with consultants are (at least in my admittedly biased opinion) numerous:

-Save time and effort on monotonous tasks, such as procurement. I have never found anyone who enjoyed calling telecom carriers to haggle over the best rate (hint-this is something that I do to keep you from having to do it).

-Focus effort on the core business, such as running a help desk, break-fix repair and maintaining network performance.

-Getting unbiased expert representation from a source whose livelihood is within that new “sourced” environment and can navigate between the corporate sales pitch and reality. I have always felt that this is the single greatest reason to work with a third-party consultant.

-Having representation amongst all providers allows the client to have, on their behalf, price negotiation in a more strategic position. For instance Storage Value-Added Resellers will provide solutions from EMC, DELL, NetApp, HP as well as managed and specialty providers. Security Resellers will provide options from McAfee, Symantec, Juniper, Checkpoint, Cisco, FireEye, Damballa, etc… When the VAR has the ability to bid the solutions against each other, the end result is optimal pricing for the client.

So given these obvious advantages of working with consultants, why would an enterprise be reluctant to do so?

1. Competition. I had often felt that certain IT groups were territorial. It’s the nature of the business when dealing with very intelligent individuals, but it was never actually stated to me until that meeting I reference at the beginning of this article. For an IT staff to feel that the third-party consultant is their competition, they would have to feel threatened.

I can likely speak for 99% of third-party consultants when I say we are not trying to take our IT client’s jobs. We are not looking to displace your jobs through BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) in a third-world country or (typically) trying to get you to buy managed services to displace you. While a lot of that is, in fact, going on with cloud providers, it is not our intent. In fact, we’ll let you get the credit with whomever it is that you report to.

We want our clients to look good. We also want our clients to come back to us the next time we have a problem, get another answer/solution, and take full credit. That’s the value we seek to provide.

2. Ego. A natural defense mechanism in embracing change or ceding control is often the preference for being self-sufficient. In some cases, for the largest companies, there may be enough resources to accomplish what is needed (ie-having a dedicated procurement department in addition to an administrative IT group). In most cases, and having seen from experience in working with numerous large enterprises, most companies do not have this option. The general trend of the last few years has been position elimination with responsibility being divided amongst “survivors”. Thus, it’s a “do more with less” mentality. Given that situation, it’s almost incomprehensible to me that additional (free!) resources would not be taken seriously or even considered.

Another key point regarding the ego issue (we get it, most CIO’s are very smart guys) is that it typically helps anybody to expand their network/resource, particularly those that can offer true value and insight. These sources don’t live in the same world as the CIO and can offer unique perspective into areas not native to the typical enterprise.

3. Trust. It’s typically easier to control what you know. Employees typically have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements, Non-Competition Agreements, and the like. I have a secret that actually is not so secret-we (meaning outside consultants) will gladly sign NDA’s and non-use of your (the enterprise) materials, information, etc… We’re typically willing to go the extra mile to meet the Regulatory and Compliance demands you are under and we’ll (typically) provide solutions geared towards those particular requirements.

4. Lack of Perceived Value. This is where the IT staff needs to seriously assess if they have the capability in terms of expertise in the field, knowledge of present market conditions, and if they have the actual time to commit to and go through the sourcing process. If the answers are “yes” to all of those questions, then it may be a venture that should be taken internally. However, this is where many IT staffs miscalculate and it costs them money, time, productivity and is often frustrating.

There are certainly other reasons, but these are the four that I believe to be most common. Hopefully this article will help to change the mindset of a few people (you IT folks) who might need some guidance in an area for the reasons listed above and will look to a new resource to help. Don’t be afraid to engage if you can learn something. It’s what drives me to seek new answers from sources and clients every day.

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How to Make a Move Easier For Your Children?

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If you are planning to move to or from Mumbai then it would be better that you hire packers and movers in Mumbai in order to experience a happy and successful move. It is never easy to take your children from the place they are used to and where they have spent maximum time.
It is important that you take all the steps and help your children in making things easier for them so that they don’t feel that they are forced to shift but make them understand the reasons behind it so that they get to know about things properly.

Here are some of the tips that will help you in making the move easy for your child:

1. Don’t change their routine

Routine is everything to which your child is used to, moreover, if yours is a toddler then the eating and sleeping times are going to be even more important for them. You might be super busy while preparing for your move but you should not neglect the routine of your child because this is going to make them cranky and then they will hardly allow you to work for days to come. So it would be better that you make your time table accordingly and do all the move related tasks in between your child’s routine work. This is definitely going to be tiresome and stressful for you but this is what moving is all about. You can take help of other family members as well to make things easier for you as well.

2. Tell everything to your child

It would be better that you don’t hide anything from your child because they are ultimately going to sense all the hustle bustle that is taking place in the house so it is better that you inform them as soon as your move gets confirmed. Also tell the reason to them your move otherwise they will think that you are taking them from the place they are already comfortable in. Let them know all the good reasons about your move so that they don’t feel sad about it. Tell them that they are going to make new friends in their neighborhood and in the school so it would be better that you decide on these things accordingly.

3. Prepare a box of essentials for your child

It is very important for you to prepare a box for your child that has everything in it so that you if your child needs anything during the move or right after the move then you are able to arrange for it. Make sure you carry everything with you, for instance, extra clothes of your child, eatables for the journey, some candies so that you can handle them when they become cranky, all these things are supposed to be taken care on an urgent basis so that you can experience a happy and safe move even when you are with your child.

4. Pay more attention on positive things

Like every coin has two sides, the upcoming move is also going to come with something positive and something negative at the same time. There is something plus and something minus in everything so it would be better that you focus on the pluses properly so that you and family do everything and you are also able to do everything in an appropriate way.

It is very important for you to take these things into consideration when you are planning for this for sure. This is going to be very convenient for you as well. Positive mind set will also help you in adjusting yourself in the new place.

5. Pack kids room in the end

Pack the room of your kids in the end and then unpack it as the first thing that you do in your new house. This is going to be very useful for you ones you will get it done in the most appropriate way. Ones you will enter the house then you are going to need everything for your child. Their extra pair of clothes, some eatables, their bedding so that they can rest after a long journey. That is the reason it is important to take these things into consideration when you are moving. Once you will move in a planned way then you are not going to face any problem related to your move.

6. Let your child prepare with you

It is very important to involve your child in the packing so that they also feel included and it would be better that you give them a task that they enjoy so that they are able to o through it properly. This is something that is going to be very important for you as well. Just tell them to decorate their moving box or just decide on which toys they want to take along and which ones they want to leave behind.

These things are definitely going to help you once you will decide how they are going help you in the end. But when you are moving with your kids then it would be better that you arrange for movers and packers in Mumbai so that you experience a happy and safe move.

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Things You Need To Do Before Movers Arrive On The Moving Day

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If you are planning to move to or from Mumbai then it would be better that you hire packers and movers in Mumbai because they have well trained and professionally experience staffs that are going to pack your possessions in the most protective manner. If you are considering things to be done at your end before the movers arrive at your place then also you should follow the correct strategy for that. There are a lot of things that you have to do before the professionals come at your place so you should be prepared enough to complete everything on time.
Here are some of the things that you need to do for sure on the moving day.

1. Declutter

Sort your belongings and segregate the ones that are not going to be useful for you. these are the possessions that you have not used for more than two years, you don’t like them any more, they are not in trend.

This is something that is supposed to be done by you only because movers don’t know what all things are necessary and useful for you and what all are not.

2. Make an inventory

Create a well detailed inventory of all the possessions that you are planning to move with you to the new house. It is going to be very useful for you at many steps of the move, you will never miss anything while lifting and loading it will work as a checking list for you. It is a good idea to list the serial numbers of all the appliances as well when you are actually planning to take all such items as well.

3. Clean and organize things properly

Don’t ever forget that all the possessions that will be wrapped in multiple layers and taken to your new house for the purpose of moving. You would never want any damaged possessions and furniture pieces, to be found filled with dust and dirt the moment you will unpack them in your new and messy house.

• It is very important to clean all the appliances before you pack them and put them in the cartons to be transported to the moving vehicle

• Make all the drawers and all the cupboard empty while moving

• Keep small items tidy – put them in the bags that can be sealed so that they don’t catch any dust or dirt during the transportation. Actually, these are the things that take that you need to consider while moving. This is a very small thing but becomes very problematic ones you reach your new house.

4. Take photos in your current house

You should take a lot of pictures with your family in your current house where you have been living for a long period of time so that you experience the best move. It is something that is going to be very useful and memorable for you. After a few years you can go down the memory lane and relive those moments again.

5. Prepare something for movers

When you know that they are going to reach your house then you should set an energy gaining station for them on which you can keep some quick to grab snacks, some energy gaining juices and water so that they can grab some while working for you. When you are moving during winter months then you can definitely provide them with some hot tea and coffee instead of chilled juices.

6. Keep your pets and kids in your mind

It would be advisable for you to keep your children or pets at some relatives place so that they don’t create a mess in the house on the moving day. They will also get to play with their friends or cousins and you will also get all the time in the world to do things for the purpose of moving. If this is not possible, then you can arrange for someone who can take care of your kids and pets in your house only so that you can work with the movers.

7. Weather condition never change informed

You should always be prepared for the worst so you should take all the precautionary measures while looking at the atmospheric conditions that are currently prevailing – put on appropriate clothes so that it doesn’t become difficult for you even if it starts raining in the middle of the transportation of your belongings. Movers will have to work in those climatic conditions as well so make sure that you cover the floors with newspaper or some old clothes so that your floor doesn’t become dirty while they are coming in and going out while carrying your belongings.

These are the things that are going to be helpful for you while the packers and movers in Mumbai are going to arrive at your place. Have a happy and safe move

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15 Vital Factors to Figure Out When Moving!

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Finally, the date that got confirmed for your upcoming Mumbai to Manesar move is somewhere scheduled in two months and just a while ago, you even spoke to a team of packers and movers in Mumbai, who agreed to take the charge of your move and you are only left with the process of fulfilling the final formalities with the movers. You are right now finalizing lists, designing inventory, and reassessing the budget. But do know there are some key dynamics to recall when you are preparing for home shifting and all that information has been put together in this article.
Have a look:

• Get the best for your move – The foremost factor when you are prepping up for a move is to ascertain that you make it the best move. Not just in terms of the experience, you will have but the things you will take care of in the process. You should try out every possible thing to make it the best. • Know the things you want – How do you want your move to shape up? Do you want partial moving services or door-to-door relocation? Do you want to opt for the special moving equipment for your possessions or you are willing to go for focused packing services for your special belongings? All of these things should be looked into so you can make the right decision. • Be sure of the shortlisted mover – Your hired moving team makes a major influence on your move, so one must carefully select a company that you would want to assign your entire house moving task. Your prescribed budget and needs will play a major role in the matter so do consider that. • Do some analysis – A moving company that has an enriching clientele, satisfactory services, budget-friendly rates, and streamlined protocol should be selected by you as your relocation partner. Also, ensure to check company reviews and ratings before you sign up the contract papers. • Refrain from risks – When you will go through the internet for research purposes, make sure you read moving company websites, and do your own share of comparison and review but avoid going with things that appear or sound uncertain – like unclear terms, undisclosed company details, unrealistic claims. Evade these types of risk signs to choose the right mover. • Always be practical – There are many people who have exceedingly high expectations regarding their moves. You should never overlook the chances of risk even if you have recruited professional movers for the project. Any unprecedented event can hit your move and change the whole situation. So, be realistic, and be prepared when you have a move scheduled ahead. • Make things easier – Complicated things and chaotic situations must always be made simpler before they are dealt with. The same goes with relocations – you should know the entire episode of a move is complicated and so, you should discuss everything with the moving crew before you get into the moving process, so there are rarely any chances of hassle. • Focus on the move – Ultimately, everything we ascertain for our move boils down to just one thing – our moving experience. This is what should be the sole focus of our move, so you should take care of every aspect and every key detail that can make the move a hassle-free, damage-free episode. • Contact the experts – To make your move seamless and stress-free, you should speak to the moving coordinators of leading moving companies operating in your area so you can get a pro team of packers timely recruited for your house-moving purpose. But book the deal within budget. • Mind the aspects – Getting a moving quote, finding a mover, and discussing the costs have nothing to do with what your moving cost shall be. And the financial aspect is certainly the next most important thing you have to oversee after a deal is booked. So, know the distance, size, and services you have acquired for your move and devise a realistic moving budget. • Emphasis packing – Packing belongings using the right kind of packing materials and the ideal quality of moving boxes will somehow ensure that your belongings are prepared well for the move. Another factor that will ensure your goods remain intact is professional assistance on the project. • Perform your tasks – Of all the moving responsibilities that you will have as a customer; the packing task will be the most important one. So, the moment you start with your packing tasks, be mindful of the process you integrate. Check out the ideal handling measures before you start packing. • Protect possessions – No one should underestimate the essence of quality packing and cushion. At times, when transit journeys are hit by some mishap, it is the quality of packing and subsequent protection provided to the belongings that play a role in keeping things safe and in good shape. • About the expenses – As we are talking about packing, we must also highlight how the packing costs are structured and how you can take care of the packing and moving expenses by minding a few ideas – avoid paying extra fees if you were not aware of the same in the beginning. In addition to that, try to save whatever you can on the packing costs. • Keep track of move – Assessment of the key aspects we highlighted above would be the things that must be taken care of during the moving episode but besides that, one must carefully watch over the whole move just to ensure everything is working out as planned. See the packing of belongings, evaluate storage needs, seek expert help on the project, and keep track of the consignment on the go.

On inspecting things, we find how the different customers have different moving requirements, and what may go with a customer may not resonate at all with the other person carrying out the move. This is something we all are aware of and to make sure you too get your distinct moving queries addressed by the movers and packers in Mumbai, you need to take care of the factors we highlighted in this post!

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10 Decisive Things about Your Move!

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With your new house booked in the city of joy, Kolkata, you are soon planning to move out of your current place of stay – Mumbai, and thankfully, you have got the support of the packers and movers in Mumbai as you booked them way before because you wanted no risks and repercussions like you encountered last time.
You may have taken the first, big decision of appointing the moving specialists for the move quite early, but it does not matter if you are not active enough in planning for the move now. Several, decisive things play indispensable roles in making a move worthwhile, so do take a minute to find them out in this article:

• About finding the right mover – The journey of finding a new home and consequently finding a sought-after moving company is quite long. Both the decisions are time-taking and unless you have looked around at least 5-10 choices for the same, you do not feel like the search is complete. That is true but if you give the task some time, some deliberation, it does not seem challenging either. Does it? No! All you need to focus on is your moving budget, the amount of stuff you have, and the services you are looking out for! • All around the paperwork – With move finalization; comes endless formalities. Then there are the complex, never-ending questions, plenty of concerns that you choose to ask the movers before they finally drive your goods away. Everything gets worked out pretty much seamlessly if you attend it with care but the amount of official procedure that is involved in the process is certainly tiring. But make sure you go through the deal line by line and fulfill everything as desired as early as possible. • Vital things about formalities – Ideally, soon after the moving deal is accepted by the customer, the moving company provides him with the contract papers that he has to acknowledge and sign. While it is being worked out, be clear that the moving team is going to provide you with a bill of lading that comprises the essential moving details. While going through it at the time of booking, if you find a discrepancy in the details, you are free to leave the deal or inquire the movers about the same. • Discuss insurance with movers– The moving insurance is one such plan that has to be there in your moving plan. You must, at no cost, leave the moving insurance coverage because it is only for the well-being of customers’ possessions and properties during the move. To keep them safe, purchasing moving insurance that significantly covers the damage to your belongings (if there is any) during the move is recommended. • Packing high-value articles – Since we discussed moving insurance in the previous point, we must talk about the packing of high-value items and delicate goods we have in our household because these are the most precious possessions we own and their packing has to be done correctly. If you have packed them, just leave the cartons as it is for the professionals to inspect so they can do the touch-ups in case it is needed. Ensure good quality packing materials and protective boxes are used for the purpose.

• Pack singular items alone – Like everyone else, you can also have your own choices when it comes to deciding the items you will pack on your own. If you want to pack these items before the experts have arrived, you must pack these items first. You can then keep the packed cartons separately in a room you know nobody would enter. These distinct nature items could be valuables like your jewelry, accessories, decorations, etc. • Protect and pack sequentially – Packing quality should always be prioritized, regardless of whoever conducts the task. No matter what item you choose to handle first, you should first cushion the article in a couple of coatings using packing paper and bubble wrap, and then finally when you place it within the moving box, you should settle it evenly so it does not move. Every item should be packed in this way and cushioning should never be skipped. • Coordinate with moving experts – The professionals you will hire for the move would keep on clarifying their course of business – how they do their job and what they assure with their packing and moving. You should sit with them to listen to what they have to say – in terms of the moving advice they will give you to the moving restrictions they will update you with. If you have any queries, ask the move coordinator or the crew straightaway. • Be clear of the services – For the different services you choose for your move, you pay a set amount. Some people choose to opt for door-to-door relocation services where the complete household packing and shifting responsibility is up to the movers. They supervise and manage it all for you. On the other hand, when someone chooses to opt for a specific, good-oriented handling service, then there are different rates for the same. Depending on your move needs, you should discuss your requisites with the movers. • Have a final day plan – If you have not thought about where the moving truck shall be parked and about the doorways that shall be used to get the moving cartons transported out of your home then think of it. Keep a mental picture of it because carrying out that big and bulky furniture would be a struggle if you have not strategized the routes for the same. The movers may even choose to lift and hang the bigger objects from the gallery if no other option is left. So, have a plan for the same beforehand.

The movers and packers in Mumbai are the best people to fall back on when you are too stressed out with your move and want a helping resource you can trust. Just book them and do not mind referring to the information shared above.

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12 Pro Tips to Create the Ultimate Moving Planner!

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If you are looking for that one complete moving agenda or that final list of moving advice that can put your forthcoming Mumbai moving decision into perspective, you need the support from the packers and movers in Mumbai, and some familiarity with the professional tips pooled together in this moving planner.

A moving planner at times is self-created by the one moving or it is a blend of several moving ideas and practiced hacks put together in one checklist. No matter what you choose to go with, you should always refer to at least 4-5 top moving checklists and informative posts so the one you create for yourself is absolutely refined and fail-safe.

Since you are in search of a professional move checklist for your upcoming move, we hope you will not mind going through the pointers we have shared with you!

1. Clean up everything – With cleaning, one should start packing the household items one by one. Pack everything that you can easily manage alone, with the packing materials you have sourced. Leave the rest for the experts. But throughout the process, ensure you are not cluttering up your space because the movers shall also perform the job in the same space and an uncluttered room will certainly help in the task.

2. Pack your handbag – There is one thing that you have to pack and set aside before the professionals reach your place – your overnight bag or the personal handbag you will keep with you during the move. You need to put in all the essentials you will need during the transition and also the medicines so you can survive the move without any trouble.

3. Know how to pay – If you have agreed to pay the movers in cash, you will have to make a down payment to them in advance and settle the remaining amount post the move. You can also pay the movers through a card but then you will have to ask them if they have a card payment protocol with them. Besides, always carry extra cash with you!

4. Label extraordinarily – Labeling is entirely the customers’ decision and it is his choice how he wishes to do it as per his convenience. But do it correctly and efficiently. Do it in a way that reduces your hassle and also the movers’ struggle when they are settling the packages in the right rooms. You can use colored labels, numbered stickers, and printed or handwritten labels.

5. Let the experts do it – If you have hired professional packers and movers for your household moving task, let them look after the task because they will do it efficiently and in no time. Plus, there will be an assurance of their quality packing and expert handling and you will shed off the majority of your moving chaos if you assign the task to the movers.

6. Lock and turn off power – Finally, after the movers have accomplished the final round of packing tasks and are supervising the rest of the things, do not forget to disconnect the fan and light, motor, and the main power before you leave the place finally. Lastly, take a moment to lock everything and hand over the keys to the landlord or the neighbors if you plan to come back.

7. Keep the neighbors informed – Of all the people in your circle you will notify about your move, your neighbors would be the ones to be informed because at least for the initial few days or weeks, you may need to check back if something needs to be diverted to the new address or if you need to make a few visits back in the city.

8. Keep a copy of inventory – It is important to check off the items mentioned on the moving inventory or tasks in the checklist whenever the said thing gets accomplished. This helps in keeping track of the moving progress. So, whenever an item gets loaded onto the moving vehicle, make sure you have marked that on your inventory copy so you know everything has been packed into the truck.

9. Think of the things again – At times, when you are preparing for the move, it is good to take a break from work to simply check if you are going the right way or you have lost track of things in focusing on something extra important. At this point of assessment and contemplation, you are free to make changes to your moving plan and budget.

10. Sign and keep papers – Meanwhile, do not forget to take care of the paperwork. If you have yet not signed the contract papers due to a time crunch, quickly work that out and prepare the papers. Get all the other essential documents and proofs collected in one compact moving binder and keep it with you so you can find it handy whenever there is a need.

11. Go to the bed timely – After all the months of toil, you will already be tired. So, try to tick off all the tasks from your checklist before the moving day so you can get to your bed on time and have a peaceful sleep. The next day, you will have to wake up early because the movers will show up to fulfill the last-minute chores.

12. Keep the final day easy – The final day of your move should be free of any complex tasks and unnecessary hassle. Make sure to keep everything ready before the final day so you can at least have a stress-free move where you are not running around your home to fulfill last-minute jobs. Keep meals ready, and outfits ready so you can quickly wrap up and leave.

If you have followed the clues we have just talked about in this post, you are on the right way to planning your move. All you need to do at this point is to speak to the movers and packers in Mumbai and you will be ready for the move!

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