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Fashion Consultants and Today’s Society

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Fashion consultants

Fashion means different things to different people. For the always-in-the-news celebrity, fashion might be a statement of personal style. For the party hopping adolescent, it could be an affirmation of peer bonding and independence. For the conference-hungry business executive, it could be the passport to career enhancement.

Humans have been concerned about being presentable since the days of yore. Even in tribal societies, adornments are myriad and there are accessories with immense detailing and embellishments. Festive occasions offer ideal settings for showcasing great design ideas. Modern fashion industry has grown from rapid industrialization and the consequent globalization of design trends. Today fashion is not just about good clothes. It encompasses the whole spectrum of lifestyle and image management services. Fashion consultants are highly sought after professionals.

What do fashion consultants do? Whether you prefer a personal consultant or you approach an agency, the main job of the fashion consultant is to advise about the most optimal choices in matters of fashion. He or she has close discussions regarding your physical and temperamental attributes, workplace requirements, lifestyle and personal management regimen. It cannot be a mechanical one-stop solution for all. Each client is unique and the consultant knows it quite well.
Fashion solutions or image makeovers are designed after careful deliberation. Clothes are an important item in which the fashion consultant advises about building a wardrobe in tune with the personality of the client. Other items of personal adornment like accessories, footwear and jewelry are also included. Makeup and hairstyle change according to the specific requirements of each occasion. Besides, these are also devised according to the facial features of the client. The ultimate objective is to accentuate one’s better features and camouflage the deficiencies.
In these days of living under high voltage media coverage, fashion does not stop with dressing up alone. It extends to the social graces or etiquette and the art of handling the public interactions. Fashion consultants regularly advise on how to handle press and television interviews. Besides achieving the right ‘look’ for the media interaction, they also help in voice modulation, pronunciation, intonation etc.

What are the attributes of a good fashion consultant? First and foremost is of course a thorough knowledge of fashion trends and the ability to apply the right principles for a specific client. In that sense, he or she should be fully aware of the client’s limitations. Apart from technical knowledge, there are several desirable personality traits that fashion consultants should have. They should be effective communicators. They should be patient listeners and articulate speakers. They should be able to explain why a particular solution would or would not suit the client. They should have a fine temperament, especially with clients who differ from their point of view. Finally, they should be persons of utmost moral and financial integrity. Because they handle the most intimate details of their clients, as a rule they should maintain utmost confidence

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Internet Marketing Consulting Services

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Internet marketing is highly techno-functional; unless one is familiar with the changing technological trends, it is difficult to remain competitive in the Internet market.

Internet marketing consulting services includes SEO services, web designing, web site promotion consultation and site reviews, site optimization, and web analytics. Consulting can be by different means: in-house IM consulting, over-the-phone consulting, training, one-on-one or entire group consulting, hourly basis consulting, and monthly consulting.

Training can be on email, newsletters, and promotional content formatting, message previewing, outgoing message editing, display formatting, personalized messaging, link structures to search engines, placing advertisement in fee-based directories, keyword selections, page and search engine optimization, and web analytic services.

Web analytics deal with the evaluation of website architecture, customer interface, transaction methods, and reporting requirements. On analyzing these parameters, consulting is offered through a proposal that outlines structural changes to be brought out in the site, and measures to improve data management. Training on web analytics offers skill development programs for online marketing strategy formulations, site analysis using tangible factors, search engines and campaign analysis.

Internet marketing consulting services help define online business and product offerings, provide expert advice to promote products, increase the number of viewers visiting a web site, and increase brand awareness.

Online business demands continuous updates of technology and market environments. With a limited budget and operational resources, small business entrepreneurs are often constrained to invest their income on promotional or marketing measures. However, by approaching the right Internet marketing consulting experts, one can get their website to pull its share of the load and add new business.

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Microsoft Navision Implementation, Customization and Support in Spain: Remarks For Consultant

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Microsoft bought Navision, Denmark based software development company, along with Great Plains Software. Now Microsoft Business Solutions offers following ERP applications: Navision (former Navision Attain), Microsoft Great Plains (former Great Plains Dynamics/eEnterprise), Solomon, Axapta. In this small article we’ll give you our thoughts on dealing with Navision implementation, support and development on Spanish and in general Southern European market.

There are several factors to consider:

Consulting Companies Consolidation – this process is pretty much over in the USA and is almost completed in Europe. It is partially related to recession and economy slow down. Small consulting companies have to merge with large multi-directional service firms (usually we see auditing, tax services, assets management) who are willing to purchase small technology consulting businesses and have them work for their clientele.
Consulting Rates Increase – well, this is indirect effect of market consolidation, larger companies are willing to deal with larger clients and move consulting rates up. And as number of small consulting firms shrinks – there are no balancing forces to push rates down. This is a little bit paradoxical, because Microsoft Business Solutions products historically were targeted to middle market and even small companies
Weak Economy – clientele really can not afford high rates. There is very large gap between what German consulting companies could offer (1150 Euro per day/consultant) and what Spanish clients could pay (up to 500 Euro per day/consultant) and there are certain needs in consulting services in Spain but with lower rates.
Possible Solutions:

Hold on for new implementation – stick to existing legacy accounting system, do not plan Navision modification, integration and tune up. This is usual way for recession time
Rescue to South American support – By one reason or another – Latin America has Microsoft Great Plains strong presence. Currently Microsoft Business Solutions is launching very active marketing campaign in Brazil to gain market share with Navision. Consulting rates in Brazil are very moderate – even in Sao Paulo and majority of Brazilian consultants speak good Spanish

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Internet Consultant – Choose the Right Internet Web Marketing Consultant

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Using an Internet Consultant to assist in the performance of your website is something most website owners should strongly consider. Why?

You have a business to run and traffic, along with performance is everything. If a business owner could talk to a web marketing expert and learn how to:

Start earning money from affiliates

Add better advertising on your website

Title your pages correctly to get a good or great page ranking

Know which keywords in YOUR industry are searched the most

Get sites to link to you

Use pay per click programs – but only on terms that make sense for YOU

Set up the best shopping cart program

Select the right merchant company

and so much more….

I have been in this business for 10 years and I’m learning new things all the time. It is a speedy sector of the market with technology and marketing techniques always pushing us.

You would learn that the few bucks you spend on a marketing consultant will pay off for years and years. Remember, your website can earn for your family forever. We are the first generation with that power to truly leave an earning business to our families.

A key to selecting web consultants is to learn about them initially, and then learn from them. Having a contact that can advise you on the things you are doing wrong and the things you need to be doing right is a terrific asset to have.

You want to focus on your business. If a consultant advises you to add keyword “A” more, because it is searched 100 times more than the keyword you are using, he is worth every penny.

If an Internet Advisor says you have too many pictures and graphics, and it is hurting your page rank, that advice can literally make you thousands of extra dollars in web traffic.

If he tells you that you do not have enough pages, that advice will lead to more content and more money.

I see so many websites that are just plain awful. Sorry I’m being so frank, but it’s the truth. I don’t mean the look of them. I mean the presentation, the content or lack there of. “Picture only” or flash homepages really get to me.

The best thing about having a business on the Internet is the improvements you make will help you for years to come. Most consultants are worth every penny because of that.

You want to maintain control and many firms will give you all the control. Some do not directly handle the infrastructure of the customers website, and that’s a good thing usually.

SEO Consultants

There are many people out there who claim to be Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts, and many of them are. But, SEO is not a gimmick. You can’t just do one thing and jump to the top. I am glad for that. Site like Google are sophisticated in their rankings. The days of keyword stuffing and repeat words in titles to get on top is no longer the case. Why am I glad? The same reason as why you should be. We want “Real sites” that have “real value” to appear ahead of copycats and quick site builders. When you are an established high ranker, you’ll agree.

SEO websites can give you great information, but sometimes it’s the wrong information for you. Companies that will “Submit your site to hundreds of search engines” are a waste of time. Any good consultant will tell you there are maybe 3 or 4 serious search engines and the rest spider off of them.

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Choosing an MLM Consultant

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With the business of Multilevel Marketing (MLM) booming, there is now a never ending search for a good MLM consultant. Obviously, there are good ones and bad ones, and so the key is to know what to look for to get one that will work for you. There are a few things you can look for to ensure that you find the best MLM consultant for you and your situation.

One thing to look for is an MLM consultant that will allow you access to his past jobs. He or she should have nothing to hide, and in fact will want you to see their past successes if they are indeed both legitimate and successful. So when you meet a consultant, ask to see his or her track record early on in the conversation. If he or she will not reveal the track record, I would stay away from that particular consultant.

A second factor to consider in an MLM consultant is credentials. Find out what it is about the consultant that justifies his or her fee. Look for MLM education, experience in network marketing, or extensive business experience. If you want someone who will get you good results, you need to find someone who will be able to get you results, and by checking credentials you can help ensure just that. An MLM consultant without proper credentials is another one to steer away from. You only want an MLM consultant that has the experience needed to get you onboard with the correct program for you.

Simple as it may sound, your MLM consultant should be someone that looks and acts like a professional. Basically they should exhibit professionalism at all times. Listen to how they speak, how they handle themselves, and whether or not they keep their appointments and their word overall. Also pay attention to whether or not the MLM consultant seems to have your best interests in mind. Their should be an air of honesty and integrity if he is a professional.

There are many things to look for in a good MLM consultant. None of them, though, can be understood without really talking to and getting to know a prospective consultant. You want someone that will not only get you results, but also makes you comfortable with the relationship. You will not be able to work together in a business relationship if you don’t feel a trust about the prospective consultant.

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