Grow Your Income – Form a Small Business Marketing Consulting Team

Small business owners are typically hands-on and multi-tasking managers who, while having realized the need to take their business to the next level on the Internet, have neither the knowledge nor the time to learn the ropes of online marketing.

Business owners, professionals and non-techies who would like to have their own websites will definitely need the services of marketing consultants to take care of:

* Web design and construction,
* Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
* Web content writing,
* Sales copywriting,
* Data encoding and everything there is to do for launching and maintaining their websites.

By organizing a small business marketing consulting team, you can accept more clients and charge higher recurring fees than anyone working solo.

Benefits of a small business marketing consulting team

One-stop shop for small business clients

Busy business owners prefer to deal with one person rather than several consultants at a time so that they can turn their attention to other aspects of the business. As a team of consultants, it’s easy to offer a comprehensive package of services such as web design and construction, content writing, SEO, copywriting, without having to do them all by yourself.

Share in the workload

As a team, it will be easy for any member to unload some of the work occasionally in case something more urgent like an unexpected family matter or illness comes up. Sharing responsibilities also allows your consulting team to take on more work without overwhelming anyone with too much responsibility.

Higher incomes

While a team of freelancing consultants may work together on some projects, they remain independent of each other and have multiple sources of income outside of the shared consultancy. Moreover, a robust package of marketing services will definitely fetch a higher price than an individual service fee. Having more clients also mean higher revenues as a team.

What you will need

Aside from having a good set of skilled contacts you are willing to work with you as a team, you will also need to develop systems to manage projects and team members efficiently. The fastest way to have a system in place is to either outsource its development or to adopt one that has been developed and tested by an expert.

In fact, even if you work as a small business marketing consulting team, constantly simplifying and systemizing tasks and finding new ways of doing work quickly will promote client satisfaction, improve quality of work, and boost income while enjoying a good work-life balance.

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