Pool safety for children

Kids are eager and excited about the prospect of swimming in a pool, but many parents may not know what precautions they need to take.

Pool safety is an important topic. It’s not just about preventing drowning, but the pool environment may expose children to dangers they are not aware of. This includes chemical hazards, electrical currents and other dangers that can impact a child without them knowing it.

In order for parents to provide their kids with proper protection it is important to get a pool safety inspection in Sydney. Here are some tips on how to keep your kids safe in pools:

- Install a fence around your backyard pool or put-up signs telling people the area has been fenced off so no one can get close enough to access the pool (including pets).

-Properly closing and locking gates and doors to keep children from getting close enough to the pool.

-Equip your home with a working and accessible emergency phone.

-Provide CPR training for all family members, including older kids who may be able to help if an accident occurs while they’re near the water.

-Teach children how dangerous pools can be before they start swimming or playing in them so that when they are old enough it becomes second nature, and not something new where they have to learn everything at once.

-Install automatic door locks on any sliding glass doors leading out of the house as well as self-closing ones. This is because many times children and pets will run into these open spaces and may even drown in the pool.

-Ensure everyone knows how to swim before diving into any pools, even those who are young should learn this skill as soon as possible.

-Ensure that no one goes near water without supervision after dusk. When it becomes too dark outside, take all precautions necessary by turning off outdoor lights and shutting down/leaving unattended anything with electricity running inside.

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